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Nila Kyaw Kyaw
Daw Nilar Kyaw Kyaw
Mentor/ Operations Officer ( Program IT Support)

Daw Nilar Kyaw Kyaw holds Bachelor of Engineering (Information Technology), certificate in mentoring awarded by EDNA Myanmar, Certificate in Professional and Interpersonal Skill Development training awarded by EDNA Myanmar.
Prior to joining EDNA Myanmar, she worked part time as a tuition guide for five years at a local private school. Her passion for educating others led her to join EDNA Myanmar in 2014. She has since mentored, working closely with Disable Persons Organizations within EDNA Myanmar’s network. She is responsible for the launch of the new businesses by our participants from Disable Persons Organizations in Yangon.
In addition to being a mentor, she is also the Operation Officer focusing on program IT support as well as logistic support for field support officers. Working closely with field support officers, Daw Nila Kyaw Kyaw coordinates regular Enterprise Development Events across 10 regions.
Email: nilakyawkyaw@gmail.com