Entrepreneurship Education and Enterprise Development Initiatives for SME members by Directorate of Industrial Supervision and Inspection- Department of Small & Medium Enterprise Development- EDNA Myanmar

EDNA Myanmar has observed that the ecosystem for micro and small enterprises in Myanmar lacks institutional support. While EDNA Myanmar may not be able to address all the needs of the business community, she believes the building capacity of government officers to provide entrepreneurial education and enterprise development initiatives may positively impact and benefit the many SME members across the country. The Ministry of Industries, Development of Small and Medium Enterprise Department and EDNA Myanmar believe that collaboration can change the entrepreneurial landscape in Myanmar.
EDNA Myanmar and DISI – DSME project plans to:
• Develop DISI-DSME officers to become mentors qualified to deliver quality entrepreneurship education
• Develop DISI- DSME officers to facilitate enterprise hubs to support enterprises growth
• Develop DISI-DSME officers to undertake impact assessment and policy-related research

Our Target is to

• Grow DSME department Mentors• 50 mentors capable of inspiring & supporting entrepreneurs
• 34 mentors actively engaging with entrepreneurs
• 5 senior mentors developed to lead the mentoring of DISI-DSME staff
• Educate SME member entrepreneurs• 3,000 inspired & capable entrepreneurial leaders mentored by DSME mentors
• 300 enterprises that are profitable, sustainable & employing enterprises
• Grow SME program impact and develop research officers• 16 mentor trainees capable of data collection, data processing, analysis and reporting (through which establish database for DISI-DSME department)
• 10 mentors capable of leading impact evaluation and policy research

The collaboration was launched in January 2017, with EDNA Myanmar conducting mentor training for 50 SME officers. The mentoring of 3,000 entrepreneurs by DSME officers will commence mid-2017 in 11 regions of Myanmar.

The officers working on DISI-DSME-EDNA Myanmar project will receive ongoing mentoring support from EDNA Myanmar Education team and Program Impact team. On-going workshops & master classes will be provided by EDNA Myanmar and organizations in her network.

Entrepreneurship Education and Enterprise Development Initiatives for SME members

Data Analysis & Reporting Training