Ministry of Commerce – EDNA Myanmar Research Hub

The Ministry of Commerce (MoC) and EDNA Myanmar collaboration started in 2014. The co-operation has broadened and deepened over the years. EDNA Myanmar conducts regular capacity building workshops for ministry staff. The areas of collaboration with MoC, MyanTrade Department includes:

• Supporting the ministry with trade promotion activities and help local SMEs for export readiness (and market access)
• Promoting ‘Made in Myanmar’ products for local and overseas market
• Establishing the MoC- EDNA research hub
• Capacity building for MoC staff for initiatives mentioned above

The MoC- EDNA Myanmar research hub was launched in January 2017 for future research work. Technical support for the MoC- EDNA Myanmar research is supported by EDNA Myanmar local and regional network.

Export Ready SMEs-Naypyitaw

Facilitation Training

Professional & Interpersonal Skill Development Training

Data Analysis & Reporting Training