Thanks to our network partners!

“EDNA Myanmar has at its very core

Collaborations and Partnerships that have ensured the success of her work.

The following organisations are thanked for their involvement”



Our Partners



Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Industry,Central Department of SMEs Development

Department of Food and Drug Administration
Department of Cooperative

Department of Cooperative

Moving Forward Together

Neo Prospect
Neo Prospect

Our Network

  • MWAF, Sagaing
  • National Management College
  • Myanmar Authors Association
  • Saunders Weaving and Vocational Institute Amarapura
  • Myanmar Independent Living Initiative
  • Thuta-Sone-Lin Buddha-Win
  • Pan Pyo Khin Mobile Library
  • Lotus Foundation
  • Network Activities Group
  • Paung See Myit Tar
  • Arr Man Thit Child Education Supporting Group
  • The Luthern World
  • Chin Dwin Youth
  • Light House Youths Group
  • Bright Future
  • Byamaso Association
  • Yaung Chi Oo Network
  • Ayarwaddy Blood Donation Group-Myinchan
  • Myanmar Dental Association Myin Gyan
  • Hnaung Kyo Mae
  • Doe Shwe Mu Done
  • Arr-Sein-Na-Yarma Foundation
  • Myat Saytanar Mon
  • Poppa Mountain Lovers Association
  • Myanmar Authors Association
  • Myochit Youths Group
  • Saytanar Lote Arr Shin
  • Industry Zone Free Clinic
  • BG Blood Donation Organization
  • Thu Kha Hi Ta
  • Yone Gyi Youth
  • Inn Ywar Thit
  • Phyu Sin Myit Tar
  • Pyin Nyar Dar Na Foundation
  • Myint Myat Thu Blood Donation
  • Ga Yu Nar Shin Free Clinic
  • Myat Dar Na Humanitarian
  • Myat Parami
  • Light P.S Mobile Training
  • Myo Chit Youth -Pa Ya Hi Ta
  • University of Co-Operative, Sagaing
  • Sagaing C.S.O Network
  • World View International Foundation
  • YMCA, Mandalay
  • MWAF, kayin
  • Thu Ga Ti Organization
  • MANA, Mawlamyaing
  • Myatmyittar
  • AAR Japan
  • Parami Development Network
  • PNO-Youth
  • ECCD Network, Nyaungshwe
  • MFVP Potato Cluster
  • Myit Tar Yay Kyi Free Clinic
  • Kan Lat
  • KBC-CDD Director
  • Winemaw zone-CCD Director
  • Lat Ta Kan Alin
  • Thukha Karyi Social Socialization
  • Diesel Library