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Entrepreneurship Education and Enterprise Development project by DISI-DSME and EDNA Myanmar

On the 19th of June 2017 The Ministry of Industry, The Department of Industries Supervision and Inspection, The Department of Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia (Myanmar) Ltd. held a strategy workshop for the implementation of the “Entrepreneurship Education and Enterprise Development Project” across Myanmar.
The project aims to offer entrepreneurship education and enterprise development service to 3,000 SME members and entrepreneurs across 13 regions in Myanmar. The DISI-DSME officers will be implementing the project, with EDNA Myanmar offering technical assistance. The workshop was held to develop a regional rollout strategy for the 13 project regions. The DISI-DSME officers developed the rollout strategy for each of the project regions with the EDNA Myanmar team facilitating the process.
Daw Kyi Kyi Nyein of EDNA Myanmar said “there will be three components to implementing this project. The first is to develop the DISI-DSME mentors and the mentors delivering the program to SME members. The second component is the monitoring and evaluation of the project that will be conducted by DISI-DSME officers. The third component of the project is providing the on the job training, mentoring and facilitating the DISI-DSME officers by EDNA Myanmar team throughout the project period.”
The DISI-DSME officers participating in the workshop received a five-week mentoring training by EDNA Myanmar in January 2017. They will continue to receive additional technical support from the EDNA local and regional network throughout the 24 month project period. The Director General of The Department of SME Daw Aye Aye Win said “I am optimistic of EDNA Myanmar’s technical expertise in this area of work as they have delivered this through the LIFT funded project with the University of Sydney. I believe in their ability to develop human capital. I believe our staff will benefit from our work together.”
EDNA Myanmar has four years’ experience in delivering entrepreneurship education and supporting enterprise development across Myanmar. The education material was developed by Dr. Richard Seymour of the University of Sydney, together with local cases from the EDNA Myanmar team. To date, EDNA Myanmar has delivered entrepreneurship education to nearly ten thousand entrepreneurs and is responsible for the enterprise start-up of over nine hundred enterprises and the growth of over two thousand enterprises.


SME Development : Capacity Building And Business Acceleration Workshop
Source : MITV