What We Do

1. Develop local entrepreneurship teaching capabilities and skills
2. Strengthen entrepreneurship research, activity and impact
3. Contribute to entrepreneurial initiatives benefitting local entrepreneurs and their communities
4. Build productive relationships within the country (between industry, government, and educators) and across the region.

The most ambitious initiative delivered by EDNA Myanmar is an education program funded by Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT) – the Grassroots Entrepreneurship Education and Pro-poor Enterprise Development Project. This Project was delivered in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Group (EIRG) at The University of Sydney Business School.
In addition to the Grassroots Project, EDNA Myanmar works closely with universities across the country with its collaboration with the broader EDNA partners. This includes supporting business planning competitions with students from the National Management College and the Yangon University EPP () program, working with universities in the dry zone on teaching, entrepreneurship, and supporting PhD students with research projects.
EDNA Myanmar has engaged with the Ministry of Commerce & Trade’s Information and Research Department and established the MoC-EDNA Myanmar Research Hub within the ministry. In addition, EDNA Myanmar has engaged with the SME Department, Ministry of Industries for DISI- DSME -EDNA Myanmar Entrepreneurship Education and Enterprise Development Initiatives.
EDNA Myanmar also supports pro-poor entrepreneurial businesses through education and business development initiatives for LVT (Local Vocational Training) Graduates in the Mon and Kayin regions. This project is funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and Swiss Contact. In addition, EDNA Myanmar conducts fee-for-service engagements for the private sector and we are keen to expand our partnerships by working with reputable local firms for their CSR initiatives to benefit entrepreneurs in rural Myanmar.
As of January 2017, EDNA Myanmar has launched paying courses in the Kachin, Sagaing and Meiktilla regions, with classes soon to open in the Ayewaddy region. Entrepreneurship education for start-up enterprises and job skill training can be available at reasonable fees for entrepreneurs as well as young graduates wanting quality education in rural Myanmar. The profits will be reinvested into the company to sustain future work.

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